I couldn't find any good CLI resistor calculator to my liking so I made one.
Presenting resistormaid! Just enter the color bands and you'll get the specifications.

Usage: resistormaid first second [third] multiplier [tolerance] [temp_coefficient]
Valid arguments: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, gray, grey, white, gold, golden, silver

Source Code

Uses Semantic Versioning if you rely on it for scripting.

  2.0.0 md5: 4296e292d9c723da5b316386e301be3e

  1.0.0 md5: 30ce6803158fd4b8dacc58e9846a6d2c


Because to err is human.

Why does it say that the value I entered is invalid?

You either:


MIT license as specified in the release.

No binaries?

That would require you to place complete trust on me to provide legit binaries. I don't want anyone to place that amount of trust on me. My programs are intended to follow the Unix philosophy and therefore intentionally small. Audit and compile them.

Bugs, patches, suggestions et cetera

Contact me at the email address specified in the footer of this page, I'd really appreciate it! If you are sending a patch, please mention what license your patch is as well.